Check Fluids and Advise
Check air in tires
Free air for bicycles

Driveway Services – Starting at $20

Replace Wiper blades
Light bulbs, fuse or license plate install

Tire Services – Starting at $25

Mount spare tire only.
Repair tire.
Repair roll in tire and mount on vehicle.
We inspect your tire inside and out. If repairable we use a Patch/Plug system, wire brush wheel, apply sealer and check for leaks.

Lube, Oil & Filter Service – $34.95 + Tax

We install a Quality Hastings brand oil filter and up to 5qts top quality motor oil.
We lubricate all suspension fittings.
Check all fluids and top off as needed.
Check and set proper air pressure in tires.
Lube hood and door hinges.
Inspect exhaust, steering, drive axles, shocks, struts, belts, hoses, filters, lights, wipers, tires and many other items.
Most cars.
Most SUVs

Basic Vehicle Inspection – $89.95

With this service, our ASE Technician will road test your vehicle and perform a visual inspection on specific items so we can properly estimate the cost to repair or service your vehicle correctly.

Vehicle Maintenance 30K / 60K / 90K – $135.00 + Required Service

Every person drives and maintains their vehicle differently.
Our 30/60/90 inspection will go over all factory required maintenance for your vehicle.
We then tailor a package based on your vehicles needs.

Computer Diagnoses (Check Engine, ABS, SRS) Light Is On – $149.00

Scan computer system for codes.
Follow diagnostic flow charts to locate problems.
Advise on needed repairs.

Vehicle Wash / Detailing

Soft Cloth Hand Wash. Clean Tires. Vacuum Carpets.
Interior wipe down and glass cleaning.
Shampoo / Steam clean carpets and upholstery.
Wax Exterior.
Tire Dressing.

Towing & Road Side Assistance

Jump – $85.00
Flatbed Tow – Local Only (Oak Park/River Forest) – $115.00


Plus tax and shop supplies